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The First Prog Sunday All-Dayer

Sunday 26th January

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Founder of ZIO, Jimmy, is heavily involved in all aspects of the writing, lyrics and production of the album. Jimmy wrote the story of Flower Torania, inspired by his love of video games and sci-fi and the album has grown around this story with a little help from his friends!

The band made their live debut at France’s Crescendo Festival last Summer, unveiling a line-up that includes Franck Carducci, keyboard player Olivier Castan, guitarist Marc Fascia and Alex Lofoco. It will feature the vocal talents of Pallagrosi’s former Karnataka bandmate Hayley Griffiths and former Enid vocalist, That Joe Payne.

That Joe Payne is playing the role of the hero Alan, and Hayley Griffiths his beautiful sidekick Flower Torania (also the new album title). Together they embark on a journey across the world of the video game. The album also features Heather Findlay, Franck Carducci, Haken’s Richard Henshall, Alex Lofoco, Cagri Tozluoglu and more. The album will be launched at the All Dayer The Robin on 26 January.

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